A collage of ruby red pomegranate with the piney aroma of rosemary, this medley delivers a complex yet exotic taste explosion.  Must be experienced…often!

Simple Ingredients

Each batch uses real ginger root for that distinct warmth with every sip

We hand squeeze fresh limes into each flavor of our Ginger Brew

The slightest amount of pure cane sugar to brighten your day

Filtered sparkling water to give a clean taste to each and every bottle

Sparkling Pomegranate



3oz. Pomegranate Ginger Brew

2oz. Sparkling Wine

2oz. Lemonade

Lemon Slice

  1. In a glass, add Pomegranate Ginger Brew, Sparkling Wine, and Lemonade. Stir until mixed. Garnish with Lemon slice and enjoy!


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