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4 Practices of a Health-Conscious Person

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Maybe you’ve noticed –– in the last decade or two, there’s been a marked shift in how people think about their well-being. While taking steps to protect body and mind on an individual level isn’t anything new, this modern culture of health-consciousness is unique.

One of its most compelling factors is how people from all walks of life fueled the movement. A key 2014 report found millennials, aging baby boomers and exercise enthusiasts were its biggest drivers. All three build in margin for self-care and are willing to spend more on quality food, even if they have differing reasons and ways of doing so. Today, Gen Zers lead the wellness charge, adding to the momentum for all-natural ingredients, ethically-sourced materials, mindfulness apps and more.

If you want to know more about what a holistically healthy lifestyle looks like, consider these four trademark practices of a health-conscious person.

1. They Block Out Exercise Time

Diet and exercise are the foundational duo that may pop into your head when you think about health. Let’s start with exercise. Sure, there are the physical benefits –– building muscle, burning calories and releasing endorphins –– but there’s much more to it. By carving out time in your schedule for a run, for instance, you’re getting a dose of outdoor air (if it’s not the dead of winter) and letting your mind rest from whatever drains you. A consistently health-conscious person finds an exercise time that works for them and it soon becomes their happy place.

2. They Practice Self-Care

A second common practice of a health-conscious person is self-care. Really, doing anything that energizes or sustains someone in the long-run falls into this category. For many, exercise is a go-to. For others, they see their need for interactions with loved ones or to stay off their phone for a bit. No matter what you notice is effective for you, the key to self-care is understanding how you work so you can give yourself grace and press on towards your ultimate goals.

3. They Balance Their Diet

The term “eating a balanced diet” gets a lot of airtime, but, when you get down to the nitty-gritty of grocery shopping, achieving it is anything but obvious. A health-motivated person puts in the time to research recipes, shop for ingredients and prepare nutritious meals. Because they know how tempting nutrient-empty food can be, they don’t don’t let too much junk food into their home and may put a cap on eating out each week. To them, balancing their diet isn’t about perfection, but rather overall consistency. If you want to kick-start better eating habits, reach out to a loved one for accountability and support.

4. They Pay Attention to Labels

Health-focused people are also often food label-literate. To inform their balanced diet, they avoid artificial stuff and tend towards all-natural ingredients that didn’t come from a factory. Reading labels has broader significance, too; vegans may steer clear of consuming animal products or people may simply want to educate themselves on what they consume.

Where Windmill Ginger Brew Comes In

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