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Carrot Ginger Cocktail

Carrot and ginger go suprisingly well together. Before you start to think, "Uh, carrots?! That's weird", just give it a chance! This drink is perfect for your Easter celebration, Mother's Day brunch, a spring-time picnic, or just any day when you feel like drinking a bit "healthier".

This cocktail works well with our Original Windmill Ginger Brew to really allow the flavors of the sweet carrot juice, tangy orange juice, spicy ginger, and zesty lime to standout. If you're feeling adventurous, you can try one of our flavored Ginger Brews instead. Our Blood Orange Ginger Brew or Mango Ginger Brew would be delicious with this recipe!




Let’s Get Started

The first step is to fill your cup with ice. We chose a goblet glass to give this cocktail a classier feel for the special occasion.

Over your ice, add in 2oz of your vodka of choice. Then, add in your orange juice, carrot juice, and lime juice. Lastly, top it off with Original Windmill Ginger Brew! Garnish with a carrot ribbon, fresh parsley, or a slice of lime.


To make this drink into a mocktail, simply emit the vodka! You can add more carrot juice or more Ginger Brew depending on your taste.

Whether you're a carrot lover or just looking for a unique drink recipe, this one is sure to be a hit at your next celebration or "hoppy hour"! Will you be trying this Carrot Ginger Cocktail? Let us know, if you do!

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