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 The only thing better than Windmill Ginger Brew customer service, is the magnificent taste of each and every brew. It is amazing how each brew is unique in flavor but each taste of each brew becomes your favorite. It is a great problem to have!!

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None Compare!

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I have tasted a lot of ginger beers, ginger ales, and other ginger brews over the past 30+ years and none compare to the freshness and flavor of Windmill Ginger Brews. I've tried all of the flavors and I have trouble picking a favorite because they are all superb.

Pure healthy!
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Windmill Ginger Brew is the most flavorful, genuine ginger brew free of artificial ingredients and "false" enhancements such as cayenne pepper! A pure healthy drink.


Can't get enough!

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Every day Windmill Ginger Brew is not sitting in my fridge is a day laden with anxiety, doubt, and futility. Lately I've found myself dreaming about becoming rich and installing a Mr. Deeds style drinking fountain that emits a steady stream of this life-giving mana in my future home. Alas for is just a dream.

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All that's left is for you to try it
for yourself!

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